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"Tongue & Groove Radio" a 24/7 playlist with Live shows mostly at evenings and weekends. 

Tongue & Groove Studios had now been open for 1 year and to celebrate we 

decided to launch our own radio station.


Founder Paul Jones has been a fan of radio since he got his first transistor radio as a small child and the dream was to one day own a station of his very own. Since the national lottery have not been kind enough to bring up his numbers, internet streaming radio seemed the next logical step. 

Paul has been a DJ for some 29 years now and collecting music in various forms for over 30 years. 

"Its all for the love of the music, I like all sorts, but definitely feel a passion for anything soulful"



Dj's Bio's and details of where to download their mixes.

Dj Paul Table

Starting his DJ career at the tender age of 15 working the club, bar & pub circuit Paul Table has been involved in radio since 1997 and has played on such stations as Radio London, Swinging Radio England, Clubtown TV, Vison FM, Unknown FM and now joins Tongue & Groove Radio.

Specialising in Soul and Soulful House Paul has been collecting vinyl since 1981 and now has far too many to count.

You can listen to Paul live on Sunday mornings from 08.00-10.00 UK time with The Funkin Early Sunday Show. You can catch The Funkin Early Sunday Show replayed on Saturdays at 16.00.

You can download Pauls mixes from Soundcloud.


Master J

MJ's record-spinning path started in 1981 with the task of sorting out the sounds for the late great Steve Walsh.

"I was basically a record joey, and big bags they were too"

It was in the summer of 1982 when he got his big break in London, doing the warm-up set for Lindon Tee, Gordon Mack and Steve Walsh. And he hadn't even left school!

During the early eighties, definitive stations such as Radio Invicta, Horizon, JFM, LWR and Solar Radio helped create a huge increase in the awareness and popularity of soul music. It was inevitable that soul music would break down all barriers, and a young MJ was very much part of this pioneering era in radio's history.

 You can read MJ's full bio here, and listen to MJ's Soul AM show every Sunday morning from 10.00 UK time on Tongue & Groove Radio.

You can catch the replay of Soul am on Fridays from 16.00 UK time.


Dj Colsie

New podcast uploaded from Dj Colsie with live shows every Monday night from 18.00 UK time with Souled out Part 1. Replayed on Thursdays from 16.00.

Dj Mark K

Bio details for Mark K coming soon.

Listen to Mark live each and every Monday evening from 20.00 UK time with Souled Out part 2. Replayed on Thursdays from 18.00. 

Dj Mike T

Details for Mike T comming soon.


Listen to Mike T every Thursday evening from 20.00 UK time. Replayed on Saturdays from 13.00. 

Dj Ace

Details to follow shortly

You can listen to Dj Ace every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month with The Jazzmataz Radio show and the last Wednesday of the month with The Just Good Music Show from 20.00 UK time. Replayed on Saturdays from 07.00.


I did sound engineers course a few years back, moved into writing tracks, released a few on vinyl, moved into dj-ing, previously on deja vu, forcefm & unknown.

i usually have a theme to each show, quite often doing a total rewind show where every tune is from a certain year. i mostly play quality uplifting, positive vibes in a funky and house style. plenty of tunes with a message and a meaning to put a smile on your face and make you feel goood

 You can catch BM's mixes aired on Tongue & Groove on a Tuesday from 6pm UK time.

You can download BM's Mixes here.

Dj AndyC

I would describe myself as a music loving West Ham fan. Been collecting music since the early to mid eighties. I love my 80's soul/funk/rare groove, 90's funky house, and noughties soulful and uplifting vibes. Basically anything you can groove to.

I still play vinyl all the time at home but tend to stick to digital when playing out as it's not so heavy...;)

You can listen to and download my mixes here.

Currently on a break from live shows Andy C will be returning soon.

The Taxman

The Independent Chart Show Every Sunday from 8pm replayed on Tuesdays at 10pm

As featured on the Breaking Artists website.

Dj Rimiks - Amsterdam
New Mixes

New mixes and content supplied by Justin Clarke, Paul Helsby, Nick Woods, Dj Rimiks, Dj Tom Hughes, Dj Andy C and many more.

More details of these Dj's and where to download their mixes to follow.

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